Our trip begins at 10 o’clock in the morning and heads west.

After an hour and twenty minutes we arrive at Antipaxos where we stop near the beach where you have the Opportunity to swim in a breathtaking natural bay alongside the luxury yachts of the international jet set in the incredibly clear blueireen waters, which are unique in the Mediterranean.

The journey then continues passing Kamara and Ortholitho and on the discover the western side of the island, totally inaccessible by dry land. Only from the sea can the incredible shapes and colours of the vertical cliffs, mysterious caves and sharp, Jutting rock formations be marvelled at while the sea continues to display it’s unique blue-green spiritual clarity. Here, for half an hour, we have the opportunity to swim again In the “Blue Caves“.

We then return east to the island’s capital, Gaios, which we have the opportunity to explore for two hours and a half. This Lilliputian paradise is intensely characteristic of the Ionian Islands and it’s charming architecture will remain in the memory of every visitor. On the stunning Journey back to Parga passengers will all feel the strong desire to return One day to this truly magical Part of the World and to re-live this unforgettable hobday experience.